Tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra

Bairro Portugues de Malacca
tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra...

The Wedding.Casamintu Portugues de Malaca.

The bridal bed. Cama de noiba.

Tea is usually served after the bed is made.Caba faseh cama,nos tudu bebe chak juntadu.

The crown.
This is to signify chastity. It is also a sign that a young girl is getting married in this house whole. It is usually hung on Thursday. It is hung on the front door of both the bridal couple,at the maid of honor's(lady's sponsor) house and also in the bridal chamber.

Thress dia antu de casamintu,Kuinta fera,nos fala 'mara cama'.
Nos bota kronci di meiu di Porta de nuibu cum noiba,sa casa,cum na casa de komadri. Teng kronci nos sambe teng fila-fila ta caza na isti casa.

In the days gone by,weddings were usually held on a Tuesday. Today however,due to the change of time,where most people are working,wedding are held on a Saturday. Three days before the wedding, the bridal chamber and the bridal dias will be made. All this takes place in the bride's house.Canopies will be erected.
In the early days,the dias or a platform is made in the living room and elaborately decorated. In those day a mirror would be placed be hide the bride's seat. This is to enable us to see her hair bun. But in these modern days most brides dont don a hair bun any longer.


Akeli tempu, cazamintu sempri na Tesa fera. Agora tempu ja otru,maridu muler ta fazeh sibrisu. Agora tudu jenti caza na Sabdu. Nos mara kama Kuinta fera. Kiora mara kama,nos logo fazeh shradu para noiba nuibu santa. akeli tempu logo teng spelu na tras di noiba logo santa para nos ola sa kondei mas agora ja ente cosi agora tudu noiba nungka fazeh kondei mas.
The making of the bridal chamber.

It customary,that the mother of the groom  lay open the bed-sheet,before the work of making up the bridal chamber is handed over to the Maid of honor. Once the room is ready,it is believed that a widow,a spinster,a woman who is a baren,and a divorcee is not allowed to enter the bridal chamber,for fear bad luck may befall the bridal couple.This practice however is still being done till this very day.

Mara cama.

Mai di noibu logo abri panu di cama. Kumadri logo faseh cama,cum mara krunci na potra di cama cum casa. Kiora cama ja kaba faseh, keng nungka cazadu,ja mureh maridu,numpodi padi(ja asoti tempu ja caza,mas nunteng keriansa,)ja larga maridu numpodi intra na cama di noiba. Isti bela-bela fala midu mal futunia logo kai cum noiba. Ate agora nos,na Malaca sigi isti cumisang.

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