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Bairro Portugues de Malacca
tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra...

Curry captain

There are many version to the story of the curry captain. This is my late mother,Mrs. Dolly Santa Maria nee Da  Costa's version.

There was once a Captain of a ship visited a family in the Settlement, as a Cristang, it is normal to serve food to visitors.

Upon seeing that the only ingredients left
In the house are onions, fresh chilies and lime and most probably chicken or pork.

Using these ingredients, she cooked a dish and served with hot rice.

The captain loved the dish so much. He asked for the name of the dish and the lady answered "Curry Captain".

Teng tantu stori de Kari Kaptain,isti ki Eu ja ubi de Eu sa mai, Sensors Dolly Santa Maria nee Da Costa.

Ungwa dia, ja beng ungwa kaptain de Barku na casa. Sigi nos sa uzu, jenti kantu beng na casa, nos mestei da kumi. 

Muler de casa, ja bai na fugang, ja ola teng Danila, gingibri com cili fresku. Anumbes teng galinya ke porku. Com tudu isti trempa, ja kuze kari.

Ja da com kaptain kumi com aros jenti. Muitu sabrozu!!! Ki Nomi isti lauk? Akeli Muler fala, 
Kari kaptain!!

Dry or fresh chilies 
Cili seku ke cili fresku 

Onions,ginger and candle nut
Lime juice
Sabola, gingibri,buah keras


Chicken or pork.
Galinya ke porku