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Bairro Portugues de Malacca
tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra...

The Wedding,part3. Casamintu 3.

After the church ceremony,the couple together with their  sponsors,goes to the bride's house where the wedding reception is held. The bride's parents,together with the bride's maid and best man, usually would be home as soon the wedding ceremony is over.
On arrival,the bridal party alights from the car fron a short distance from the house. The bridal couple,the flower girl and the page boy(ring barer) stands in front,followed by the sponsors,behind them. The bride's maid and the best man then approach and stop about ten feet away from the bridal couple.They then throw scented water and sliced screw-pine leaves and flowers to the newly weds. They continue doing this till they reach the house.

Caba missa, noiba,nuibu bira na casa juntadu cum cumadri cum cumpadri. Kiora ja chega,marakronci logo pinca rampei cum ago cerrozu.

Mean while, the bride's parents stands at the doorway to welcome the bridal party. The newly weds then greets  them with a kiss. This is called 'recebe noiba' welcoming the couple as a married couple.

Chega na porta de casa,noiba nuibu logo da mang cum cera, noiba sa mai pai,keng ta spera na dianti di porta.

The newly weds are then to the bridal dias.Noiba ,nuibu santa na shradu.

Cake cutting ceremony.The man's sponsor will then give a short speech to the bridal couple a little advice may be,followed by a toast. During this time cake and wine is served to all the guests,followed by a small tea party. The newly weds is then congratulated by everyone.

Noiba nuibu  logo cotra  bolo de casamintu. Cumpadri logo lanta saudi. Siara siorus logo lanta saudi juntadu. Caba akeli tudu logo bebe chak. Siara siorus logo da mang cum noiba nuibu.

No Portuguese wedding is complete without the 'branyo'. Nunteng casamintu seng de branyo.

The going away ceremony.
The newly weds are getting ready to make a run for it. This is usually after the tea party. Confettis then are passed around for the guests to throw onto the couple. Its a sign of blessings before they go off for their honey moon.

Caba cumi, noiba logo sibri otro ropa. Noiba nuibu logo cure bai na karet.Aros crua logo pasa cum tudu jenti. 

The couple are making a run for it. Noiba nuibu,bota kure.

Off they go to their car.They will come again for dinner and dance. Noiba,nuibu bai na kareta. Anuti logo teng branyu,cumi cum bebe.

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