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Bairro Portugues de Malacca
tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra...

The wedding,Part 2.Casamintu,2.

This cake is must have during the making of the bridal chamber. It is made from sago,coconut and palm sugar, wrapped in banana leave and is steamed. It symbolizes purity and Chastity. It's also said to as neat as the bridal chamber.

Sampri kiora mara cama,abo-abo logo teng.  Faze ku sago,coku cum jagra. Bota na fola pisang,nos pesagu. Abo-abo,jenti idadi fala,nos faze abo-abo cuma ta mara cama. 

The wedding day.
 Before the bride walks out of the room,both her parent would come into the room to cover her face and as usual,followed with a word of advice.
Dia de Casamintu.
Na dia di casamintu,antu de noiba sai di cama,sa mai cum sa pai,llogo intra ficha sa rostu cum da umpoku palabra bong di sintidu.

Just before leaving for the church,she kisses the hands  of her parents,grandparents,and all the elders of the family. This is a very touching moment for both the family and the bride.
Antu de bai na greja,noiba logo da mang cum sa pai ,mai,abo pai,abo mai,cum tudu jenti idadi di sa familia. Teng logo cura kausi noiba ta bai cum otru familia,logo incontra ungwa anu embes. 
A short speech from the maid of honor and cakes and wine will be served before the bride is sent off to church. She is escorted to church in the bridal car by her father,the maid of honor better known as the lady's sponsor and the bride's maid. This simple ceremony is called'Larga noiba' in direct translation,letting go of the bride. Which means the parents of the bride is willingly letting her go to be married to the man of her dreams.

Larga noiba. 
Antu de bai na greja,comadri logo lanta saudi. Na kareta,noiba logo bai juntadu cum sa pai,comadri cum marakronci.Isti nos fala 'larga noiba'. Pai cum mai ta larga sa fila,cum tudu corasang,ta da caza cum sa omi,ki unsung ja buska.

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