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Bairro Portugues de Malacca
tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra...

The Lady of the Immaculate conception.Nosiora de consensang. Nosiora de concencao.

To my understanding, this statue was found way back during the Japanese occupation. When first found, it was originally black in colour. This statue was found by Mr. John Felix. He first kept it in his house. It is said to have some miraculous power but when it was painted,it is not so of a miracle any longer. And when war was over, The people of the settlement decided that this statue should be used for the block rosary. And each family is able to keep this statue for 3 days in their house. On the third day, the statue is carried to the next house. This practice has been going on for  as long as I can remember and is still being carried on till this very day.  Usually on the 3rd day, before the statue is carried out, a small refreshment will be served. Prayers are said on Sunday,Monday and moves on Tuesday,Wednesday(if there is no adoration)Thursday and moves again on Friday. There is usually no prayers on Saturday cause most people go for the sunset mass on Saturday. The feast day for this statue is on the 8th of December. It is usually celebrated will a mass and procession around the Portuguese Settlement,followed by a small fellowship at the hall in the square.
Ki yo sabe,isti nosiora ja encontra na tempu de Japang. Isti sinora kiora nubu ja enkontra sa clor,pretu. Senor John Felix ja encontra kum isti sinora na matu. Eli ta skunde di Japang, Eli lembra pau mas ja ola bong-bong,eli nosiaora de canseng sang. Kiora brigu ja kaba, tudu jenti na Bairu de Portuguese Ja falla, kere bota isti sinora a kaza,ungwa kaza gadra 3 dia. Dia di lantar Nosiora,nos logu da empoku kumiria kum bebe. Rezu nos faze na dia di Domingo,Segunda fera,sai de kaza,na tesa Fera. Kuartu fera,kuinta fera sai sestu fera. Sabdu ente rezo kausi tudu jenti logu bai misa. Kada anu,nos celebra Festa di Nosa siniora de consengsang na 8 di Decembro. Logu teng misa,,kaba misa nos logo lanta Nosiora bai rudia na bairu. Cuma tudu Festa,sabe setu logu teng kumiria kum bebe.


English/Malacca Portuguese(Kristang)

For the future tense,'logu' or 'kere' is used. for the time being,'logu' will be used.

Yo logu santa --I shall sit.

Yo logu impe-- I shall stand.

Yo logu anda--I shall walk.

Yo logu kure--I shall run.

Yo logu kumi--I shall eat.

Yo logu bebe--I shall drink.

Yo logu santa na kadeira--I shall sit on the chair.

Yo logu impe na rua--I shall stand by the road side. 


  1. Hi!

    I'm not sure if you speak/write "modern" portuguese so i'm writing in English.

    I came across your blog (and other blogs as well) and I think it's great that you share with the world your portuguese influenced culture.

    My grandfather's last name is Malaca, so one of my last names is Malaca too. In the center of Portugal, in the city of Santarem there are lots of families named after your city.

    About 12 years ago I came to know that the name Malaca refers to someone who has been or is from your region, so I guess we probably share ancestors!

    Keep posting about your culture, I've added your blog to my favorites.

    Best Regards
    João Pedro Malaca Tomás

  2. Firstly,sorry for the late reply. Thanks for following my blog. I hope my blog will be of good use to you.

  3. This is my bit of helping to preserve and share my traditions to the outside world.