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Bairro Portugues de Malacca
tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra...

Our Lady and the child Jesus.Nossa Nosiora de mai de Jesus.

This picture was taken at the back of the Assumption church,Praya lane,Melaka. Isti pintura ja toma na Greza de Kapela praya(Greza de Assunta)

According to my grandmother,long long ago,this statue used to come to life and would walk the shores of Praya Lane. One day, a clothe vander was passing by with his sales. He was not able to sell clothe that day.  He stopped at the church to rest. As he was resting,a white lady with a child came and bought some clothe from him. This made the man very happy. 

The next day,the church clergy came to prepare the church for mass. He was surprised to find clothe at the foot of the statue,and her feet covered with mud. This went on for a couple of days. 

One day the clothe vander passed by the church,the clergy asked the man why has he been putting all the clothe at the foot of the statue? The man explained that he did not do such a thing. He said that a white lady,carrying her child would always buy his clothe.She was seen walking along the seashore. The clergy then asked the man to describe the lady. The man described the lady,saying she was a white lady dressed in blue. Upon hearing the man's description,the clergy took the man to the statue. And the man acclaimed,Yes! She is the white lady that bought my clothe. Since then,a glass framed has been fixed and she no longer seen walking around.

All this happened long before the sea was reclaimed.

Eu Ja ubi de eu sa abok femi,kei tempu isti Nosiora logo sai anda-anda na praya. Ungwa dia,ja beng ungwa omi ta bendei panu. Akeli dia,eli numpodi bendei panu. Ja beng isti muler ta lantar se filo,eli ja kompra tudu sa panu. Isti ja faze akeli omi alegria. 

Sa amiang,irmang de greza ja beng kere fase limpu greza para misa. Eli ja bai na tras de greza,ja encontra teng panu na Nosasinora cum sa peiu inchidu cum marti. Isti ja fika tantu dia.

Ungwa dia,ja pasa na porta di greza,omi bendei panu. Irmang de,bai pidi cum eli ki foi ta larga panu na peu de Nosasinora? Akeli omi fala,nungka eli. Kada atardi ungwa muler brangku,ta lantar sa filo logo compra panu di eli. Eli logo anda-anda na praya. Akeli muler ta sibri ropa azul. irmang de greza manda akeli omi beng ola Nosasinora. Akeli omi ja subi saltu. Eli fala,akelilah muler ki kadabes beng compra eu sa panu. 

Di akeli dia,padri ja bota glass.Nosasinora ja nungka sai anda rudia mas.

Isti tudu ja susudei antu di gormintu picar mar.

Malacca Portuguese mango curry. Kari manga.

                         The ingredients.Trempa de kari


Young Mango.Manga badri

Dried chilies.Cili seku

Large onions or shallots.Sabola grandi/sabola keninu.

Fish of any kind.Peisi sigi bontadi di bos.


Blend all ingredients together in a blender. You can use a grinder if you wish.
Muei todo angkosa,sibri pilang ke sibri misen.Heat the oil in the frying pan and fry ingredients until fragrant

Faze kenti azeti. frizie tempre ate cherozu.

Add in the mangoes and water.(Don't make it too watery).Bota manga kum ago(nang desa muito aguada)

Let it simmer untill mangoes are soft. Desa kuze ate manga fika moli.

Add in salt to taste.
Bota sal.

Lastly put in the fish.Continue cooking until fish is cook.
Agora bot peisi. Desa kuze ate peisi kuzidu.

Happy cooking.Bong kuzinia..

Burial tradition of the Portuguese Community in the Portuguese Settlement.

Death of child,a bachelor or an unmarried woman or a young girl.

Death is always the most avoided topic. And it it the most untalked. This time I'm sharing about another tradition of  the Community of the Portuguese Settlement. This tradition is still being practise today.Look at the pictures below.

Mureh! tantu jenti nungka gosta papia. Eu ozindia kere scribe kausu di nus sa tradisang, kantu teng keriansa ke,manseibu ke fila-fila ki ja mureh,nus teng nus sa tradisang ki nus ta sigi ate agora. Ola pintura na basu:

The Crown/Kronchi:-It signifies that a young girl/boy had passed away. Him/her being not married,will be given a  farewell dressed in a bridle dress /full suit as would a groom. Upon leaving the house,the kronchi will be removed and placed upon the coffin.  Kantu teng kronchi na diati di porta di jenti ki ja mureh nus logo sabei seitu teng fila-fila ke manseibu ja mureh.  Nus logo da sibri kum motry ropa di kazamintu.Kiora ta larga casa,kumpadri/kummadri logo tira kronchi di porta,bota na riba di kasang.  

Cake and wine will be served. The father or the mother will give a toast  for the deceased . Pai kum mai logo  lantar saudi. Bolo kum binyu para tudu jirisang ki teng na casa.

There will also be bride's maid and best men.

As the coffin is brought out of the house,flowers and fragrant water is sprinkled on the coffin as would to a groom/bride.
Kiora ta larga casa,rampei kum agu cherosu nos logo pincak.

Family members and close relatives leads the casket.
Familia cum jirisang logo unda mazianti na dianti di kasang.

Even the pews are decorated.
Agora,jenti bota floris na bangku di greza.