Tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra

Bairro Portugues de Malacca
tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra...
The aim and purpose of writing this blog,Familia Santa Maria, is first and foremost to preserve the family traditions and language used by the santa maria Family for the future generations and also for everyone to know and learn more of the portuguese language.I am acctually writting out what my late father,Mr. Aloysius Santa Maria,has written. A dictionary of the Portuguese language,customs and tradition of the Portuguese of Malacca. The book however has never been able to publish due to certain curcumstances. As we all kow, the Portuguese in Malacca is a legacy of the Portuguese conquistadores for posterity and the unique customs,traditions and culture found among descendeants of those Portuguese who came to Malacca in 1511.
It is most interesting to note that after so many years, the Portuguese Communit in Malacca is stll speaking a Portuguese dialect known as "the Malacca Portuguese". Words and stories that will appear in this blog,are that of my fore fathers. I think tha it is tim for someone from the Santa Maria family write something for the keep sake of the future generation.Although I was toying with this idea,I knew I was unable to do it n my own. With the use of my father's book,I am able to do this. I hope you will enjoy an appreciate my blog.


  1. Thanks for writing all these. Keep up the good work. I got introduced to your blog from Serani Sini-Sana. :)

  2. Muitu grandi merseh,Paul.I'm so glad my blog is informative.
    Just keep following and you'll know more.

  3. Hi and hello ! I'm glad to find your blog here. Actually I have been looking for someone whom is Portuguese but staying in Malacca. I have a thousand of question to be asked to you like what is the differences between your race and the portuguese in portugal. And can people in Portugal understand your language now. Looking forward to your writing later :)

    1. Hi! first of all sorry such a late reply. answer to your question,The difference between my race and the people of Portugal is we dont speak the same,look and even the dishes are not the same. Our's is a mixture of Malay,Chinese,Indian,Kadazan and Iban. We cant really understand the people of portugual when they speak neither can they.