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Bairro Portugues de Malacca
tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra...

Feast of Sts.Peter and Paul. Festa San Pedro.

A few days after the feast of St.John the Baptist,comes the feast of Sts.Peter(San Pedro.)-the patron saint of the fishermen. The actual day of the feast is 29th June. It draws a very large crowd to the Portuguese Settlement.And why not? It takes several months of preparation before the launching of the feast. The celebration used to be celebrated for 3 days only but it is now celebrated for a week,as it is now part of the Malacca tourism calender. It culminates in the decoration of boats,which are arranged in a row,brightly lighted and beautifully and creatively decorated. It if usually celebrated with a High Mass ,followed by the blessings of the boats either by the parish priest or the His Lordship,the bishop. Boats would be judged according to the creativity,and cash prizes will be awarded to the best 3 boats.

Festa San Pedro cannot be missed as there will be stage performances mainly on the cultural show both traditional and modern. Food stalls and fun fair is also organised and visitors can sample home made Portuguese food and  cakes.

Kaba Festa San Juan,nos logo celebra Festa San Pedro.Dia di peskador.  kada anus na 29 de Juno,nos celebra Festa San Pedro. Maszianti logo teng misa,kaba misa padri logo benze prau. Tres prau  bonitu logo aca dui. 

Kantu podi aca beng Festa San Pedro,beng,na isti tempu nos podi kumi nasang-nasang kuzinyara kum kumiria de nos jenti na Bairo de Portugues. Logo teng branyo kum balu de nos sa tradisang kum balu di siti tempu.



misa- mass