Tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra

Bairro Portugues de Malacca
tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra...

The old Portuguese Settlement. Bairu di Portuges di Malaca na akeli tempu.

This picture was probably taken in the early 70's. This the view of Cryton road from Canossa convent. Isti pintura ja toma na anu satenta. Isti rua Cryton. Pintura ja toma na skola Canossa. 
Most of the people of the settlement were mainly fishermen. Akeli tempu,mas tantu jenti na Bairo di Portuges, pescador.

The butterfly net today.This is the butterfly net that they use for to catch prawns or shrimps. Langiang nos sibri agora. Is. Sempre sibri para  peska gragok kum kambrang.

The butterfly net used in the 70's.It is of no difference then the butterfly nets that is being used today. Langiang ki nos ja sibri na anu sasenta.Ente difrenti di langiang ki nos ta sibri agora.

This is a picture of the early 70's dance troupe. This dance is during the feast of Sts  Peter and Paul. This is how the stage used to be hand made by our local carpenter. Isti pintura Festa De San Pedro kum San Juan. Nos sa jenti ja faze sa shradu.

The sentences below are in the past tense.

  1. I sat.-   Yo ja santa.
  2. I stood.-  Yo ja impe.
  3. I walked.-  Yo ja anda
  4. I ran.-   Yo ja kure.
  5. I ate.-   Yo ja kumi.
  6. I drank.-   Yo ja bebe.
  7. I sat on a chair.-   Yo ja santa na kadeira.
  8. I stood on the road.-   Yo ja impe na rua.
  9. I stood in the middle of the road.-   Yo ja impe na miu di rua.
  10. I drank a glass of cold water.-  Yo ja bebe ungwa glass di ago friu.
  11. I ate rice today.-   Yo ja kumi aros ozin dia.
  12. I ran slowly.-   Yo ja kure bagar.
  13. I walked fast.   Yo ja anda prestadu.


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