Tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra

Bairro Portugues de Malacca
tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra...

Burial tradition of the Portuguese Community in the Portuguese Settlement.

Death of child,a bachelor or an unmarried woman or a young girl.

Death is always the most avoided topic. And it it the most untalked. This time I'm sharing about another tradition of  the Community of the Portuguese Settlement. This tradition is still being practise today.Look at the pictures below.

Mureh! tantu jenti nungka gosta papia. Eu ozindia kere scribe kausu di nus sa tradisang, kantu teng keriansa ke,manseibu ke fila-fila ki ja mureh,nus teng nus sa tradisang ki nus ta sigi ate agora. Ola pintura na basu:

The Crown/Kronchi:-It signifies that a young girl/boy had passed away. Him/her being not married,will be given a  farewell dressed in a bridle dress /full suit as would a groom. Upon leaving the house,the kronchi will be removed and placed upon the coffin.  Kantu teng kronchi na diati di porta di jenti ki ja mureh nus logo sabei seitu teng fila-fila ke manseibu ja mureh.  Nus logo da sibri kum motry ropa di kazamintu.Kiora ta larga casa,kumpadri/kummadri logo tira kronchi di porta,bota na riba di kasang.  

Cake and wine will be served. The father or the mother will give a toast  for the deceased . Pai kum mai logo  lantar saudi. Bolo kum binyu para tudu jirisang ki teng na casa.

There will also be bride's maid and best men.

As the coffin is brought out of the house,flowers and fragrant water is sprinkled on the coffin as would to a groom/bride.
Kiora ta larga casa,rampei kum agu cherosu nos logo pincak.

Family members and close relatives leads the casket.
Familia cum jirisang logo unda mazianti na dianti di kasang.

Even the pews are decorated.
Agora,jenti bota floris na bangku di greza.

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