Tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra

Bairro Portugues de Malacca
tradisang, cultura, cantiga, comeria, palabra...

On Board the SAGRES. Na riba di barku SAGRES.A bordo no navio SAGRES.

On 24th October,2010, the long awaited SAGRES ship from Portugal ,arrived at the Straits of Malacca. I was given the opportunity to go on board. We took a 15 minutes boat ride from the Parameswara Jetty to the ship.  We managed to purchase some beers from the ship and were also given some complementary beers. Some of the sailors were friendly but there were some who shy away from us. Probably they were afraid that we were not able to communicate. Anyway, there were cultural performances by our local dance troupe. Overall, I had a great time.

  24 Outubro,2010, barku di SAGRES ja cega na nos sa praya na Malaca.Nos tudu ja bai kum ungwa perau. Nos toma,15 minutu nubu nos chega na barku.Na barku nos ja bai rudia,teng balu,di nos sa troupa Nos ja compra beberaza kum nos juntadu ja aca beberaza na riba di barku.Nos tudu muito alegria na barku.

No dia 24 Outubro,2010,N.R.P. SAGRES chegou a Malaca.
Ja estavamos a espera ha muito tempo para o visitar.
Fomos ate ao Navio num pequeno ferry que demorou 15 minutos a la chegar.

Compramos uma grade de cerveja para beber no Navio.Diverti-me muito. Adeus.
Ate sempre.




  1. Olá Sara!

    Hi Sara, I really enjoyed seeing your pictures in SAGRES, our beautiful navy instructing vessel.
    My name is Isabel, I´m Portuguese, from Lisbon and I'm visiting Malacca on Saturday, 27th November with a friend.
    We would love to meet Portuguese descendents who share our heritage and culture. Could you give us some tips and advice? We would be traveling by bus from Kuala Lumpur early morning and have to be back in the evening.


  2. Ola Isabel,

    Podemos nos encontrar todos no dia 27 no Portuguese Settlement.

    Ate breve

    Sara adorei as "pinturas"


  3. Message from Sara:

    Hi Isabel,
    Its so nice to know you. anyway I dont know what are the tips you want.I will be attending a wedding on the 27th.May be you can come for the reception at about 4pm. It will be an experienced....

  4. Olá Cátia,

    Hoje fiquei a saber que és amiga do Mário Breda, ele é meu colega de trabalho e deu-nos imensas dicas sobre Malaca. Manteremos os contacto. O meu e-mail é: Obrigada!

  5. Hi Sara,

    Going to a wedding without being invited is not polite from where I come from… but we would love to mingle with people who share our culture thousands of kilometers away from Portugal. We’ll keep in touch. My e-mail is: