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Multi coloured sago desert/Bubur chaca.

This desert is a traditional Portuguese Desert. Still being cooked to this very day. though the believe is no longer practiced. According to my mum(Late Dolly De Costa),she says that on the 4th day,after the wedding, mother-in-laws of the Portuguese community of those day would ask their new daughter-in-law to make this desert. She will therefore be judged from the way she cuts the sweet potato,yam and the coloured sago. If all is in uniform in length,she will surely make a good housewife and mother to her son and their future children.This practice is no longer being done as most people do no know that this practice ever existed.My mum shared with me this as it was shared to her by my grandmother,(late Margerate Lowe). My grandmother experienced this when she was first married to my grandfather(late Reginald Santa Maria). The recipe for this desert is below.

Bubur chaca.
Isti bubur nos fase ate agora. Mas nos nungka mas sigi ki jenti akeli tempo logo fase cum noiba nubu cazadu. Yo sa mai,(Dolly De Costa),ja fala cum yo,akeli tempo kiora nos ja caza,nos sa sogra logo manda cum noiba kuze bubur chaca. Eli kere ola ki sorti noiba cotra nyami,batata cum sago. Kantu tudu egual,mas neiches,noiba logo fika ungwa muler cum mai bong para sa maridu cum sa keriansa. Mas agora nos nungka sigi mas cum isti uzu. Tantu jenti ja nungka sabe cum isti uzu. Isti yo ja ubi di yo sa mai,ki eli ja ubi di sa sogra(Margerate Lowe @Nonchi),ki eli ja toka fase kiora eli ja caza cum yo sa abo,(Reginald Santa Maria). Naki yo da sabe ki soti kere fase bubur chaca.

Multi-coloured sago desert.

1 medium size sweet potato
1 medium size yam
1/2kg tapioca flour
boiling hot water
colouring(red,green and yellow)
coconut milk extracted from 2 coconuts.
screwpine leave
a pinch of salt
sugar to taste.

Cut both the sweet potato and yam into cubes. Put both into separate bowl. Mix tapioca flour with boiling water,mix to form dough. Divide dough into 3 and add colour.Roll dough lengthwise(like a snake)and slice dough. Not to make too thick.

Boil a pot of water. Boil the yam till its soft and remove. Throw away the water and boil yet another pot of water. When water starts to boil,put in the coloured sago. When sago floats,remove and put into cold water. In a separate pot boil screwpine leave sweet potatoes till soft,add in the yam and coloured sago. Add in the coconut milk,a pinch of salt and sugar to taste.Serve hot or cold.

Step by step instructions:

Tapioca flour.

Add boiling hot water use a spoon if you dont have asbestos fingers like mind.

Keep on mixing.

Till a firm dough is formed.

Add desired colors. 

I used green.



And yellow.

Put into a pot of boiling water,till dough floats.

Put into cold water.

cut the yam into diamond shapes like this,and boil until soft.

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  1. Thank you!! I'll try it out...ONE DAY..and let u knw how it goes. :D